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The Pega Mobile Client is a separately licensed service that provides added functionality in Designer Studio. By using this service you can build mobile apps that:

  • Can be used in offline mode, to support users in areas with limited connectivity
  • Use JavaScript APIs to access the hardware functions of the mobile device
  • Can be expanded by building custom modules, if necessary
  • Provide push notifications support
  • Can be distributed using QR codes, or platform-specific app stores
  • Support custom branding

Pega Mobile Client includes a container for HTML5 web applications that are built by using Pega Platform. It works on a mobile device and communicates with the Pega Platform client interface. It enables centralized deployment of enterprise-grade apps on Android and iOS devices. After a web application is packaged in the Pega Mobile Client, a mobile app is created that makes use of device features that are not available in a web browser implementation. Custom mobile apps automatically benefit from the Pega Platform security, integration, and management features.

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Design for mobile

When you use Pega Platform to build your application, you can enhance the usability of its mobile counterpart in numerous ways, such as by configuring offline capabilities, enabling push notifications, and customizing its branding.

Optimize app interfaces for mobile users
Configure the offline capability
View offline mobility guidelines

Develop a mobile app

After you created a Pega Platform application, you can develop a custom mobile app.

Verify if Pega Platform settings are properly configured
Preview a Pega application in Pega Mobile Express
Configure a custom mobile app
Review developer certificates for Android / for iOS
Customize branding for an app
Set up push notifications

You can also use advanced features. You can expand the API set that is available to a Pega Platform application to enable device-specific hardware functions and develop custom modules.

Use the Pega Mobile Client API in a Pega Platform application
Pega Mobile Client modules and custom modules

Build a mobile app

After you have successfully developed a custom mobile app, you can build it and use a number of expert features that rely on Pega Mobile Client.

Build a custom mobile app that runs on Android devices / on iOS devices
Build a custom mobile app that is based on a selected version of Pega Mobile Client

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