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Configuring Pega Customer Service Interaction Timer

The interaction timer allows a Customer Service Representative (CSR) to track the interaction time spent on a customer. The duration of the interaction is displayed in a MM:SS (minutes:seconds) format in relation to the goal and deadline defined within the service level rule of the interaction work type. The color of the icon is green when the duration is within the goal, yellow when the duration is approaching the maximum time, and then red when the duration exceeds the maximum time.

Sample icons used for indicating interaction time

Configuring the SLA used by the Interaction Timer

By default, an overall Service Level Agreement (SLA) object is used in the pyDefault data transform rule for the class. Use the Customer Service Interaction Types landing page to select the overall SLA instance used for a particular interaction type.

  1. Click Designer Studio > Customer Service > Interactions > Interaction Types.
  2. Expand an interaction type within the list, and then click the rule name in the Overall SLA Definition field. Save the instance to your ruleset.
  3. In the Goal section, set the goal values.
  4. In the Deadline section, set the maximum deadline value.
  5. Repeat these steps for each of the interaction work types used in the application.
  6. Click Save.

Dynamically setting the Interaction Timer SLA

The map value SetSLATimeValues allows the system to dynamically change the SLA goal and deadline based on the interaction goal.

Complete the following steps to configure the map value.

  1. In the Records explorer, click Decision > Map Value.
  2. Select the PegaCA-Work-Interaction-Call.SetSLATimeValues instance and save it to your ruleset.
  3. Open the Configuration tab and expand the desired Interaction Goal in the Results section (for example, Retain)
  4. Add the .SLAGoalTime property and the corresponding time value in MM:SS (minutes:seconds) format.
  5. Add a new row, and then add the .SLADeadlineTimeproperty and corresponding time value in MM:SS format.
  6. Click Save.
Separate map values are provided in the PegaCA-Work-Interaction, -Interaction-Call, and –Interaction-Chat work classes to add flexibility in controlling the SLA determination by interaction type.

Published January 18, 2016 — Updated February 19, 2016

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