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Creating an APNs certificate for push notifications

This article describes how to generate a password protected APNs certificate file with the .p12 extension used for push notifications. The generated .p12 APNs certificate file is later used in the Pega 7 Platform in the iOS certificate set to build your custom mobile app on the iOS platform. For more information, see iOS certificate set.


Before you attempt to create an APNs certificate for push notifications, make sure that:

  • You are enrolled in the Apple Developer Program. For more information about available enrollment options, see Choosing a membership.
  • You have a Mac OS X system.

Creating an APNs certificate for push notifications

To create an APNs certificate for push notifications, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Apple Developer Portal and click Identifiers > App IDs.
  2. Find the App ID that was created in the Create an App ID for the application article of this tutorial: iOS App IDs screen
    Search iOS App IDs screen
  3. View the App ID details.
  4. Click Edit.ID screen
    ID screen
  5. In the Services list, go to the Push Notifications section.
  6. In the Production section, click Create Certificate.Push Notifications screen
    Push Notifications screen
  7. The next page displays information about how to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).
    On a computer with the Mac OS X operating system, run the Keychain Access application.
    Click Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority.Keychain Access menu option
    Keychain Access menu option
  8. On the next page, enter:
    • Your email address.
    • The generated certificate name. It appears in the Keychain application, the next time you open it.
  9. Click Saved to disk as the request type.
  10. Click Save and download the generated file to your local computer.Certificate Information screen
    Certificate Information screen
  11. Sign in to the Apple Developer Portal again.
  12. Click Choose File to upload the *.certificateSigningRequest file.Generate Your Certificate screen
    Generate Your Certificate screen
  13. Click Continue.
  14. On the confirmation page, click Download to download a generated *.cer file. Make sure to download the file to the same Mac OS X computer where you have previously generated your .csr file.Your Certificate is Ready screen
    Your Certificate is Ready screen
  15. Double-click the file to import it to your local keychain.
  16. Open the Keychain application.
  17. Find the new certificate that was created. The private key has the same name as was provided in the Common Name field on the CSR generation page.
  18. Right-click the certificate.
  19. Click ‘Export “Apple Push Services: …’.
  20. From the list, click p12 as file type.
  21. Provide a new password for the certificate.Export Profile screen
    Export Profile screen

Published July 19, 2016 — Updated July 8, 2019

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