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Creating multiple Interaction Driver categories for tasks in the same class

You can create an interaction driver category for tasks that execute on the same clipboard page as an existing category.

  1. Add a new class instance to save Rule-PegaCA-Intent-Task instance. The class that you create must not inherit from any class that already has Rule-PegaCA-Intent-Task instance. For example, if you want to create a category for billing tasks, you create a new class instance of PegaCA-Work-BillingTasks.
    The purpose of this class is to generate the list of tasks for the new interaction driver category. It is not the work object class.
  2. Create a Rule-PegaCA-Datasource instance. To create a data source, see Configuring a data source.
  3. Create Rule-PegaCA-Intent-Task instances for each task that you want to display in this new category. Apply the instances to the class that you previously created in step 1. To create an Intent Task, see Adding workflow processes to interaction task categories.
  4. Add a new category to the Rule-PegaCA-InteractionDriver instance. To add Interaction Driver, see the article Adding task categories to the Interaction Driver.
  5. Select the data source that you previously created in step 2.
  6. Choose a relevant behavior and a When condition.

Published November 9, 2015 — Updated February 25, 2016

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