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CTI integration with PegaCALL

Computer telephony integration (CTI) is a common name for any technology that allows for the integration and coordination of interactions on a telephone and a computer.

There are two types of CTI integration:

Local CTI link

A local CTI link connects a Pega 7 server to a CTI Server directly, and provides CTI services to users on that Pega 7 server. Configuring CTI locally is also known as a collocated CTI deployment.

A collocated CTI deployment is most appropriately used in situations where the network latency between the Pega 7 servers and the CTI platform is not significant.

Diagram of local CTI link connection

A local CTI link connects directly to the CTI Server

Remote CTI link

A remote CTI link connects a Pega 7 server (or cluster) to another Pega 7 server that accesses CTI services. Configuring CTI remotely is also known as a distributed CTI deployment.

A distributed deployment is used in environments that are more complex, because it separates CTI and application-specific processing. For example, CTI capabilities could be located on servers close to the ACD/PBX, while application-specific processing could be located in centralized data centers.

Diagram of remote CTI link connection

A remote CTI link connects to another Pega 7 instance

Supported CTI environments

PegaCALL supports the following CTI environments:

Published June 13, 2015 — Updated February 12, 2016

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