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Cumulative Build Notes: Pega Native Foundation

Build notes describe the changes that are included in each build that is created for Pega Native Foundation. Pega Native Foundation contains the operating system-specific injection technology for Pega Robotic Automation Studio and Pega Robotic Automation Runtime version 8.0 SP1. By separating these technologies from the features that you use to develop solutions, the Robotic Automation development team can more quickly respond to operating system changes from Microsoft. For more information about Pega Native Foundation, contact your Support Representative by using the Pega Product Support portal.

Before you install one of these builds, familiarize yourself with the changes, new features, and resolved issues that are listed in the following table.

For information on installation and system requirements, see the installation instructions on the Pega Robotic Automation product page.

Summary of changes

The following table lists the changes that are included in the various Pega Native Foundation builds. For more information about the features and enhancements in the various builds of version 8.0 SP1, see the Pega Robotic Automation Studio/Runtime 8.0 SP1 Build Notes.

Build number


Version 10.0.18095.0 — April 17, 2019

Available in 8.0 SP1 2027 -

This build includes the following changes:

  • Updates heuristics for Internet Explorer and Ldr functions to prevent crashes.
  • Adds support for additional Windows 10 functions.
  • Adds an option to the native.ini file so the system can find and hook to FireEvents when using 64-bit Windows 10 v1709.
  • Changes the system to avoid a crash when using 64-bit Internet Explorer and Windows 10.
  • Corrects a problem that could prevent the system from injecting into 32-bit Internet Explorer.
  • Corrects a problem that could cause a proprietary app to crash.
  • Corrects a problem that could cause .NET applications to crash when you open a window that has an embedded WebBrowser component.
  • Corrects a problem that could prevent you from interrogating web applications.

Version 10.0.18092.0 — February 04, 2019

Available in 8.0 SP1 2018 - 2026

This build corrects a problem that could cause Microsoft Internet Explorer to run slowly on Windows 10, version 1709.

Version 10.0.18091.0 — January 27, 2019

Available in 8.0 SP1 2017

This build includes the following changes:

  • Adds support for Windows 10 version 1809.
  • Adds support for SAP 7.5.
  • Adds the native.ini file. This file contains the calculated addresses of the symbols addresses. These addresses were previously stored in the openspan.ini file. The native.ini file is overwritten each time you update Pega Native Foundation and should only be modified when you are directed to do so by the Robotic Automation support team.

Version 10.0.18032.0October 15, 2018

Available in 8.0 SP1 2009 - 2016

This build includes the following changes:

  • Corrects errors in the App-V detours modules that caused exceptions.
  • Fixes a problem that occurred when you injected into the Google Chrome browser.
  • Updates the injection strategy for web-based technologies.

Version 10.0.18031.0July 26, 2018

Available in 8.0 SP1 2003 - 2008

This is the initial released build of Pega Native Foundation.


Published October 17, 2018 — Updated April 17, 2019

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