Data backup and recovery in Pega Cloud Services

This content applies only to Pega Cloud Services environments.

Pega Cloud Services provides various levels of backup and redundancy for customer data to ensure full recovery of environments in the event of service disruption or failure.

The Pega Cloud Database Replication service protects production environments by deploying a real-time database mirror in a different availability zone. Failover to the production mirror is automatic, with a recovery point objective (RPO) of approximately 1 minute. This is the maximum amount of time during which data might be lost from a customer database. The recovery time objective (RTO) is approximately 4 minutes. This is the targeted time to restore the customer's cloud service.

The Pega Cloud Data Backup service backs up customer data in all sandbox and production environments on an ongoing basis with a recovery point objective (RPO) of approximately 10 minutes. Database backup recovery time objective (RTO) depends on the size of the deployed system.

Pega Cloud reserves the right to update RTO and RPO projections based on improvements to existing services, new services that Pega Cloud might offer, or any changes in the support of data or regular disaster recovery testing.

Backups are retained for recovery purposes only. They are not available to customers to access.

Data recovery

Pega Cloud can restore a customer database from backup to any point in the previous 30 days. Pega Cloud restores complete backups only.

To request that your Pega Cloud database be restored from a prior backup, open a service request through My Support Portal.

Published December 29, 2015 — Updated May 22, 2019

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