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Database maintenance for the Pega Cloud 2.1 database

Pega Cloud provides the back-end database that supports your Pega 7 Platform application. Each customer environment is provisioned with dedicated databases inside the customer virtual private cloud.

Building a new application on the Pega 7 Platform or extending a Pega application by using the Pega 7 Platform Designer Studio often involves changing and optimizing the underlying database structures. Proactively managing and maintaining the Pega 7 Platform database and your changes are critical to having a healthy, well-performing application.

Some database maintenance functions are self-service enabled directly in the Pega 7 Platform Designer Studio, while other database management functions require working with the Pega Cloud Support desk. Understanding the different methods for managing these tasks will help you to keep your application and the underlying database running efficiently.

Self-service enabled tasks

The following table lists database maintenance tasks that are enabled within the Pega 7 Platform Designer Studio. The table includes links to Pega 7 Platform help topics that explain how to accomplish the tasks by using the Schema Tools, Query Inspector, and Query Runner landing pages. These landing pages are secure and should only be accessed by your database administrator or someone who is familiar with daily database maintenance tasks.

Your user account must have the PegaRULES:DatabaseAdministator role assigned to it to use these landing pages.

  • Access the Schema Tools landing page by clicking Designer Studio > System > Database > Schema Tools.
  • Access the Query Inspector landing page by clicking Designer Studio > System > Database > Query Inspector.
  • Access the Query Runner landing page by clicking Designer Studio > System > Database > Query Runner.

For a summary of these two landing pages, see Schema Tools and Query Inspector for Pega Cloud 2.1.

Database taskFrequencyHelp topic
Defragment tablesDaily or weeklyDefragmenting tables
Collect table statisticsDaily or weeklyUpdating statistics
Extend VARCHAR column lengthBased on your requirementsIncreasing column lengths
Examine the size of a BLOB fieldBased on your requirementsViewing column BLOB size
Create indexes (single column, composite, or function-based)Based on database performance and analysis needsAdding and deleting indexes
Analyze SQL queriesBased on database performance and analysis needsGenerating an explain plan
Run ad hoc SQL queries (with limited result set)Based on analysis needsTesting SQL queries

Database tasks that require working with Pega Cloud Support

The following table lists database maintenance tasks performed by Pega Cloud Support and the frequency with which they should be performed. You can request that these tasks be performed by submitting a support ticket. For more information about the change management process, see Change Management in Pega Cloud.

Database taskFrequency
Rename columnsBased on requirements
Change column data typesBased on requirements
Partition tablesOngoing based on requirements
Create custom tablesOngoing based on requirements

Published March 7, 2016 — Updated November 30, 2018

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