DevOps tools

Low-code App Factory programs can require application provisioning and deployments. These tasks will become time consuming as the program grows. Many of these tasks can be alleviated by using DevOps. Introducing DevOps into your program will increase automation and decrease the number of manual processes.

Deployment manager

Pega offers a pipeline manager for all of your deployment needs called Deployment Manager. By using Deployment Manager, you can set up each of your applications with a pipeline. This pipeline is used to move your application from environment to environment.

Deployment Manager

The pipeline for a specific application is exposed through App Studio (Settings > Versions). App makers of applications can now publish their changes to the higher environments. Now app makers can quickly move their changes. The need for system administrators to manually promote or configure applications is eliminated.

Application versions

For more information on Deployment manager, review the following article.

Integrate with a gated review

DevOps helps accelerate app makers ability to promote their applications from environment to environment but there are times you may want to temper this process. You can add in a quality gate review for the COE before the pipeline pushes the changes to production. This gives the app makers the freedom to promote their own changes while still ensuring quality in your individual low-code applications.

Pipeline example

Pipeline example


Published May 30, 2019 — Updated May 31, 2019

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