Disaster recovery for Pega Cloud Services

This content applies only to Pega Cloud Services environments.

Pegasystems is committed to the preventive safeguarding of the Pega Cloud network and the high availability of Pega Cloud customer instances. This commitment includes the prevention of Severity 1 incidents that could have significant business impact for multiple Pega Cloud customers. Pega Cloud Operations has a disaster recovery plan that is used by incident responders in the event of a multiple-customer S1 incident (as defined in the plan), and which prepares the team to rapidly respond and efficiently recover service to affected Pega Cloud customers. The plan covers the following areas:

  • Pega Cloud customer environments are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Production environments, and the business applications and data deployed in them, are protected by multi-zone automatic failover and fully replicated database and application instances. Physical disaster impacts on Pega Cloud customer environments are extremely unlikely.
  • Pega Cloud Network Operations Centers (NOCs) are also replicated. If an environmentally disastrous event affects one NOC site, the other NOC site remains functional. Operations and Information Security staff prevented from working at one NOC could work effectively and securely from remote locations through a secure VPN connection tunnel to the other NOC. Other Pegasystems facilities could also be used. Pega Cloud personnel would still be able to provide monitoring, system administration, and security awareness to Pega Cloud environments, even if the Internet were the only available access.
  • For customer production environments, in addition to the primary database, a secondary database can be used for disaster recovery. The secondary database is a hot standby of the primary one and provides near-real-time failover capability for critical systems on the Pega Cloud platform. Following recovery of service, Pega Cloud Operations can perform restoration from backup, if needed.
  • Pega Cloud has disaster recovery plans that include roles, responsibilities, activation, response, recovery, reconstitution, and validation of Pega Cloud environments. Pega Cloud Information Security and Pega Cloud Operations test these plans more frequently than annually.
  • Pega Cloud’s 24x7x365 situational awareness monitoring is prepared to activate disaster recovery plans with disaster recovery team response within moments of any disastrous incident. Response bridge calls would include disaster recovery responders and customers, as appropriate.
  • In the event of a major incident that affects service to customer environments, Pega Cloud Operations notifies affected customers by using the Announcements portal in a separately hosted customer support center. Customers receive updates on restoration progress, and when normal service is restored.


Published April 5, 2016 — Updated May 22, 2019

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