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Enabling a post-chat Advisor survey

With Pega Customer Service, you can enable Virtual Customer Advisor (VCA) to gather feedback from customers after a Customer Service Representative (CSR) completes an interaction with a customer.

  1. Log in to Designer Studio as a CSR.
  2. Click Launch > Interaction Portal.
  3. To log in to a chat server, on the header, click the Chat Server icon.
  4. In the Chat server list, select a chat server. In the Display Name field, enter a name, and then click Login.
  5. To join a chat queue, on the header, click Join Queues.
  6. Select the queue that you want to join and click Connect.
  7. To log in as a customer, in the customer service application, open a private browser window or a different browser.
  8. To chat with a CSR, at the bottom of the screen, click Need help?.
  9. Click Customer Service. In the Virtual Customer Advisor dialog, click Chat now.
  10. As a CSR, return to the Interaction portal. To chat with the customer, click Accept.
  11. To end the chat with the customer, click Wrap up.
  12. In the Rate this interaction section, click Submit.
  13. As a customer, return to your application. Hover over Live Chat, and in the Are you sure you want to quit? dialog, click Yes.
  14. On the How’d we do? dialog, in the On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend? field, set the scale for you customer experience (for example, 9), and then click Submit.

Published February 6, 2017 — Updated February 17, 2017

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