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How to allow developers to review or update Custom Field values


Beginning with V4.2SP4, Custom Fields allow developers to attach metadata to rules. 

Each Custom Field contains a tag and a value. Process Commander does not restrict or define tags or values.

Metadata can categorize the rule for reporting and analysis purposes.

This article describes how to build HTML forms that allow developers to edit and review custom fields.

Suggested Approach

First, create an HTML rule in class Embed-CustomFields.  Your rule could be modeled around the standard rule, defaultFields, which defines the default display.

The primary page of your HTML stream is a page of class Embed-CustomFields.  Its properties are the Custom Fields that are defined in the rule that the user is editing.

The HTML stream should be just a section of an HTML document because it will be included in another HTML document.  For an example on what to include in this stream, see the standard HTML rule Embed-CustomFields.defaultFields.

The standard decision tree rule called Rule-.getCustomStreamName returns the name of the HTML stream that allows developers to review and edit Custom Fields.  The decision tree rule receives the rule type as an input and the rule being edited as the primary page. 

You can override this standard decision tree rule in an application RuleSet. Your decision tree should return the name of the stream you created .  As a default, return an empty string. 


Published April 28, 2005 — Updated October 7, 2014

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