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Local Change to improve CPM 6.2 SP4 performance and scaling issues related to PegaCA-Data-InteractionHistory.UpdateInteractionHistory


CPM 6.2 SP4 applications run slowly and do not scale because of an issue in the activity PegaCA-Data-InteractionHistory.UpdateInteractionHistory in the MyCoCA RuleSet for the sample application. If you copied the OnChange rule UpdateInteractionHistory into a custom RuleSet, you will notice degraded performance and scalability in your applications.  The Suggested Approach describes a local change that you can make to RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY PEGACA-DATA-INTERACTIONHISTORY UPDATEINTERACTIONHISTORY to improve performance and scalability of your CPM 6.2 SP4 applications based on the sample application MyCoCA.




fires before pyID is assigned and causes an update to a dummy,  blank Service case (S-case) record every time someone creates an S-case. On a multi-user system, the updates to the single dummy work object become a contention point with database level lock contention, bypassing PRPC locking.


Suggested Approach

Assuming that you adhered to best practice and copied RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY PEGACA-DATA-INTERACTIONHISTORY UPDATEINTERACTIONHISTORY provided in the MyCoCA RuleSet into a custom RuleSet, you should make the following change to the activity rule.


In PegaCA-Data-InteractionHistory.UpdateInteractionHistory activity, comment out or remove Step 6 as shown in this sample screen:

Update Interaction History activity Step 6

Published March 18, 2013 — Updated November 23, 2015

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