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Masking chat transcripts

With the Pega Chat application, you can mask chat transcripts that are shared with a customer service representative (CSR). Data is masked to ensure that confidential information remains secure, is not displayed in interaction scripts or emails, and is not stored in a database.

  1. Log in to Designer Studio.
  2. Click Launch > Interaction Portal.
  3. In the Explorer panel, click Manager Tools.
  4. In the Chat and Online help section, click Transcript Data Masking.
  5. On the Configure Chat Transcript Data Masks page, Click Add Item.
  6. In the Configure Chat Mask window, configure the following information:
    • In the Mask name field, enter the name that you want to provide (for example, Data security).
    • In the Validation format field, enter the format that you want to provide (for example,NNNNNNNNN).
    • In the Display string field, enter the display string to use to mask the data (for example, XXX-XX-NNNN).
    • For example:
      Validation format: NNNNNNNNN
      Display string: {SSN=} XXX-XX-NNNN
      Original message: 123 45 6789
      Displayed in transcript: SSN=XXX-XX-6789
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Click Save.

Published February 2, 2017 — Updated February 17, 2017

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