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Pave the path to one-to-one engagement with Self-optimizing Campaigns (8.1)

Launching a marketing campaign can be a highly complex, manual, and error-prone process that is difficult to automate and optimize. It takes weeks to identify segments, assign offers, build models, design tests, and execute touches in each channel. After a campaign is in flight, there is little opportunity to adjust to changing conditions such as unexpected competitive offers or subpar response rates. Your only option is to wait it out and update the next campaign – when it is already too late.

With Self-optimizing Campaigns, marketers leverage Pega’s AI, to select the most relevant audience and balance the mix od offers, actions, and treatments to achive their pre-selected campaign goals. Campaigns are broken into waves, so Pega's AI can learn with each iteration and adjust in real-time to increase performance.

Using this approach, marketers accelerate their journey toward one-to-one engagement with capabilities such as:

  • Automated audience selection
  • Multi-offer, multi-treatment scope
  • In-flight campaign optimization and testing
  • Proactive improvement suggestions
"Pega Self-optimizing Campaigns"

Pega Self-optimizing Campaigns

For more information, see the "Self-optimizing Campaigns" chapter of the Pega Marketing User Guide on the Pega Marketing product page.

Published April 2, 2019 — Updated July 22, 2019

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