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Pega Mobile Client modules and custom modules

Pega® Mobile Client consists of several modules that enable the functionality of various device or allow your custom mobile app to communicate with Pega Platform. For example, the contactDatabase module provides access to the address book on the device, and the prpcClientStore module supports data synchronization with the server. Modules are included with the distribution package that you obtain from your Global Customer Service representative. Each module is a combination of native code, JavaScript code, and other assets that provide a distinct functionality.

As an Android or iOS developer, you can extend the Pega Mobile Client by creating your own modules, which you can develop in Java, Objective-C, or Swift, and expose their functionality through the JavaScript API. This way you can enable features and functions that are available to native applications in Pega Platform apps. For example, a custom module can allow a Pega Platform mobile app to use an embedded laser scanner to scan and recognize barcodes that can be pasted into a product ID field or use a tablet's projector module to display the wiring layout of equipment that needs to be serviced. After you create a custom module, you can bundle it with the custom mobile app in Designer Studio.

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Published June 9, 2015 — Updated June 21, 2019

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