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Playing Co-Browse recordings in Pega Chat

With Pega Chat, you can view a Co-Browse recording after a Co-Browse session. You can also view the recording when an interaction is re-opened or after a Co-Browse session has ended.

  1. Log in to Designer Studio as a Customer Service Representative (CSR).
  2. Click Launch > Interaction Portal.
  3. To log in to a chat server, on the header, click the Chat Server icon.
  4. In the Chat server list, select a chat server. In the Display Name field, enter a name, and then click Login.
  5. To join a chat queue, on the header, click Join Queues.
  6. Select the queue that you want to join and click Connect.
  7. To log in as a customer, in the customer service application, open a private browser window or open a different browser.
  8. To chat with a CSR, at the bottom of the screen, click Need help?.
  9. In the Which category best fits your inquiry? list, select a value (for example, Dispute), and then type your issue.
  10. As a CSR, return to the Interaction portal. To chat with the customer, click Accept.
  11. On the Live Chat panel, request a Co-Browse session with the customer by clicking Other Actions > Co-Browse.
  12. As a customer, return to the Interaction portal. On the customer screen, in the Can the representative view you browser? dialog, determine whether to allow the CSR to view your screen.
  13. As a CSR, return to the Interaction portal, and then to the right of the Customer Accepted Cobrowse Request label, click Launch.
  14. On the header bar, to end the Co-Browse session, click End.
  15. To view the Co-Browse recording, on the Recent interactions dialog box, click the Play Co- Browse recording.

Published February 6, 2017 — Updated February 17, 2017

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