Project fnx

Evolving for the future.

Project fnx (pronounced fee-nix) is the internal code name for an ongoing evolution of the underlying architecture of Pega Infinity™. Pega is evolving the runtime environment to allow for increased service isolation, improved support of cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker, and use of leading-edge technologies for caching, search, and data storage. Project fnx is accelerating development in this area to ensure Pega Infinity™ is always a technically sustainable choice, carrying forward our clients’ intellectual property and investments in the Pega ecosystem.

Project fnx ensures

Highly differentiating capabilities

Distinguish yourself through digital process automation and true customer engagement.

Fastest time to value realization

Use journey centric delivery to get from an idea to results in just a few weeks.

Futureproof, modern architecture

The most secure, scalable, maintainable, and reliable architecture available.

The most innovative and flexible platform

Put choice and interoperability with technology ecosystems in the client's hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this related to Pega Infinity™?
Project fnx continues the innovation delivered with Pega Infinity™. It is a focused effort to accelerate architectural evolution with a goal to provide the best framework to embrace leading cloud native technologies now and in the future. We expect guardrail-compliant Pega Infinity™ applications to move forward seamlessly to take advantage of these architectural enhancements.

Is this included in my cloud subscription or maintenance contract?
Yes, the planned enhancements in Project fnx will be included with your cloud subscriptions and current maintenance contract.

Should I delay my upgrade?
No! There are already new features that have been released as part of this project, like the Digital Experience API (DX API). We will be continuously delivering enhancements throughout the next set of releases. Additionally, a key part of this project is to simplify upgrades. To take advantage of the new runtime architecture you will need to be running the latest version of Pega InfinityTM (currently 8.3), so upgrading is an essential pre-requisite to positioning yourself to leverage the enhancements from Project fnx.

Does this mean that Pega just added Kubernetes support?
We have and continue to support Docker, Kubernetes, and many other cloud native technologies. This project delivers tighter integration to expand more deeply into cloud technologies for improved performance, innovation, scalability, and faster time to market, while simplifying upgrades and updates.

When will this be available?
Keep in mind, this isn’t a new product, however, many enhancements from this initiative are already available. The impact of Project fnx will be felt across our coming releases.

Is this for Pega Cloud or Client Cloud?
We are working to ensure that our architectural enhancements support our Cloud Choice promise, so that clients running on either Pega Cloud or a self-managed client cloud can take advantage of these enhancements.

Is Pega becoming microservices-based?
We already allow Pega to deploy in small containers, expose discrete services as API’s, and isolate functions to specific runtimes, etc. This initiative will further allow for service isolation and other architectural and operational best-practices that are part of modern software architectures.

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Evolving the Pega Infinity Architecture with Kubernetes

Project fnx evolves the Pega Infinity architecture to a microservices-based platform to simplify upgrades, updates, patches, management, and maintenance.  In this webinar, Dave Casavant, Technology Architect discusses:

  • Why Pega selected Kubernetes and its benefits to you
  • How Project fnx leverages Kubernetes
  • How this evolution will improve Pega Infinity

Best-in-Class UX to Engage Customers and Employees

In this webinar, Vinay Kamath, Senior Director, User Interface Technology discusses:

  • The technology: What’s new and how it matters to your business
  • How Pega’s no-code development empowers app builders to focus on correct business logic as front-end developers focus on UX
  • What you can do now to enable migration of your Pega apps to this new technology

Enterprise apps. But easy: Get to know Pega Cosmos

Informed by 30 years of design experience, Pega Cosmos is a complete low-code-ready design system, which you can use to build truly user-friendly enterprise apps. In this webinar, Shaun Wortis, Senior Director, UX Product Design shows you how to:

  • Increase user productivity with easy applications
  • Reduce errors, training requirements, and costs
  • Accelerate time to production with designers
  • Optimize the presentation of your apps through templated best practices

Simple. Fast. Flexible. Do more with Pega Runtime

To build for the future, you need the most powerful, resilient platform possible. And at Pega, we’re constantly innovating to make that a reality for your brand. In this webinar, Frank Apap, Senior Director, Product Management, explores updates to our new capability, Pega Runtime.
Major benefits include:

  • Enhanced performance and scalability
  • Powerful auto-scaling to support your growing environment
  • Simpler upgrades, updates, and manageability
  • Easier operations