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Announcing Pega Platform 8.1.

Build for Change®. Automate from End to End. Engage without Limits.

Pega has always inspired continual digital transformation. Now Pega presents new capabilities that empower teams and individuals to get more work done – faster and more collaboratively. Unite business users, professional developers, IT, and data scientists in one contextual authoring environment with Studios. Collaborate across all Pega applications with Spaces. Manage all your data integrations in one place, with no code. Bridge the last mile of automation by integrating with the most difficult legacy mainframe apps with the help of robots – bots that can also read and decipher emails with image attachments. Achieve faster deployments with enhanced DevOps and Automated Testing capabilities.


Build for Change® with
visual and intuitive authoring experiences.

Low Code for everyone.

New role-based authoring environments called Studios focus on providing the right tools to anyone who touches enterprise applications. Four dedicated authoring environments offer no-code or low-code app authoring (App Studio), advanced developer tools (Dev Studio), system administration (Admin Studio), and AI modeling (Prediction Studio). Users can seamlessly toggle between different studios to quickly access what they need, where and when they need it.

Integrations as simple as drag and drop.

A new addition to data modeling in App Studio, Integration Designer offers a single location for viewing all the business objects, data types and external systems in an application. The simple drag-and-drop experience allows you to easily create and modify data objects and connect to data sources without writing any code.

Simplify testing, amplify quality.

Automated Testing Suite has now been enhanced to include model-based scenario testing for easy creation of end-to-end UI scenario tests. Additionally, an enhanced Application Quality Dashboard reports key test coverage metrics and app quality trends over time. Lastly, Deployment Manager pipelines now support the configuration and running of automated test suites, ensuring that quality criteria are met for all deployments.



Automate from end-to-end
and cut through complexity.

Take the pain out of image-based data extraction processes.

Need to digitize data from images? The Document Bot is a robotic automation that extracts data and helps employees accelerate tedious processes involving image-based documents. Have a lot of tables in PDFs? Use the PDF connector.

Process and respond to Emails faster and smarter.

The Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Email includes a new email management portal offering a familiar inbox look and feel. Triage inbound emails faster than ever with the help of integrated AI that determines intent, detects duplicates, and suggests appropriate cases and replies that can be processed with a single click.



Engage without limits with
seamless, personalized experiences

An open API for your front-end technologies.

Want to use your preferred front-end UI framework such as React or Angular? Leverage the Digital Experience API to dynamically leverage Pega design capabilities as a REST-enabled service to power your front-end UI framework of choice. The Digital Experience API includes starter packs and sample code to quickly integrate Angular and React into your workflows.

Designs as unique as your business. Right out of the box.

An upgraded UX design system helps designers and developers optimize dynamic layouts, future-proofing them against new technology. Pre-built UI templates and components for web, mobile, and social jumpstart front-end development, allowing for eye-catching designs and engaging experiences from day one.

Unite your enterprise with a better way to collaborate.

With Spaces, anyone – from IT, to sales, to marketing – can collaborate more closely using a familiar and user-friendly social interface. Users can create a topic-centric space, such as a sales opportunity, that results in an instant public or private page within a Pega application where people can have a central area to chat, share, and update digital assets including files, web links, and cases, and subscribe to notifications that help them stay connected to the work at hand.

Visit our What's New page for more details on the latest Platform features.