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SR-A5412 · Issue 219159

Error marking fixed for TreeNavigation7 screen flow

Resolved in Pega Version 7.3.1

When using the TreeNavigation7 harness in the screen flow to call the validation from the post action, any property error in any of the flow-actions caused only the first flowaction to be marked as having an error while the rest were marked as successful. This has been fixed.

SR-127385 · Issue 235813

Fixed user authorization filtering error in extracts

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

Extraction was failing sporadically due to the filter condition not being picked up by all the extract rules when running BIX. This was due to an error in authorizing the requestor with username/password causing differences in datetime formats, and has been fixed.

SR-129197 · Issue 197995

Fixed Silverlight "Create Word Document" error

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

A Silverlight issue appeared while using "Create word document". The older flow action CreateMergedWordDoc was running on the Current Page Context and had a reference to the Word Template used in the PegaSample application. To resolve this, the new Flow Action 'pyCreateWordDocumentCMGallery' has been created. This runs on the pyFlowActionTestPage page and uses the new Word Template pyCMTemplate which has limited set of related properties.

SR-A10345 · Issue 221893

Removed unexpected validation from Page-Change-Class

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

Validation errors appeared on the review screen when tracer was enabled if there was non-conforming data in the non-expanded elements. PDN help for the activity method Page-Change-Class specifies that the method does not validate property values, but the generated java ends up calling DictionaryImpl.validate() and validates the step page without expanding it. Any invalid data in the non-expanded properties would be ignored. However, activating the tracer expands the page and as a result Page-Change-Class attempts to validate all the properties in the page, resulting in errors appearing when appropriate. In order to handle this scenario, validation has been removed from Page-Change-Class method in order to bring the results into line with the help documentation, and if validation is needed it must be added explicitly.

SR-A10491 · Issue 234174

Locking corrected for WebLogic BMT transactions

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

Incomplete locking for WebLogic BMT transactions caused work items in the queue to be processed by duplicate agents even though the item was already processed. This has been fixed.

SR-A10532 · Issue 226036

iOS8 Mobile Autocomplete design reworked for better display

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

When new auto-complete was used in an iPhone/iPad device running on iOS8 in landscape mode, the display moved to the top and the auto complete field was not visible. This was an issue with the window handling, and the Mobile Autocomplete design has changed in 7.2. to resolve this and other related landscape display issues.

SR-A10653 · Issue 236942

Fixed NPE in the Connector and Metadata wizard

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

The Connector and Metadata wizard was throwing a NPE in logs due to the inability to resolve a header schema definition during import. To fix this, the system will skip the unresolved header mapping processing and log an error message instead of creating an empty entry.

SR-A10871 · Issue 231166

Extra parameter support added to CreateNewWork

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

Code changes in _navigateGadgetFrame caused issues when calling createNewWork function in a custom control. Support has been added to pass parameters along with flow name to correct this.

SR-A11262 · Issue 229919

Resolved JS exception after editing data-bound grids

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

On expand of row, a 'Rule not found' exception was thrown when a data-bound grid had a row added in the middle and then deleted. This was caused by the improper updating of the ID handles making the grid object look stale, and has been fixed.

SR-A11437 · Issue 225251

Improve page sync and locking to avoid ConcurrentModifiedException

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

There was a possibility that data page could be modified simultaneously and generate a ConcurrentModificationException, for example where a background thread is expanding a page to check messages at the same time a user thread is expanding the page to fire declaratives on read-only data page before marking it read only. This has been resolved by synchronizing access to a data page instance whenever there is an attempt to expand it from boundaries of data pages code.

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