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What's New in Pega CRM Suite 8

Learn how the latest release of Pega’s CRM suite is transforming the way that enterprises drive optimal engagement across the entire customer journey.

Browse the newest features released in Pega CRM 8.4

Serve all your digital customers from the convenience of a single easy-to-use interface.

Be proactive and contextual to enable quicker, more efficient interactions for your customers.

Alleviate mundane work for your agents and reduce customer effort.

Identify unintentional bias in your next-best-action strategies.

Leverage implementation best-practices.

Optimize AI-driven engagement.

Enrich your decision strategies.

Stay on top of your business and sell anywhere with Pega’s fully re-designed mobile Sales Automation app.

Identify hidden opportunities with NLP-based Next Best Actions.

Keep contact and email data in sync across your inbox and Pega Sales Automation.

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