Release Note

Swipe action added for mobile navigation of layout groups

You can now swipe to navigate across available content in the tabbed or menu-style layout groups by simply enabling swipe on the layout group property panel.

With this setting, visible indicators appear on the left and/or right when there is additional content to view. The swipe indicators display when a user taps down on their touch device and disappears when the user taps up (lifts) from the screen or moves to another area. Additionally, you can use custom CSS to change the fade-in and fade-out behaviors of the swipe indicators.


Left and right swipe indicators in a layout group

For example, when you display a tabbed representation on a desktop that switches to a menu format at a breakpoint, the mobile user no longer has to select a menu option by touching the header to disclose the available menu item. Instead, the mobile user can simply swipe the content and navigate to either the next or previous layout and the menu updates to the current selected layout.