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Repeating Suggested Tasks

Pega Customer Service includes an interaction driver that suggests service requests, known as tasks, to service professionals for a consistent service experience across devices.

The application does not suggest running a task more than once per interaction to avoid duplicate tasks. For example, if the application suggests Statement Copy and the agent runs Address Change, the application does not suggest Statement Copy again. The When rule of the activity filters out the task repeats. If you change the rule value to True, the activity skips the step and allows the repeated task suggestions.

To repeat suggested tasks, do the following:

  1. Search for the CAGetSuggestedTasks activity.
  2. On the Steps tab, go to step 6 and click When to configure the rule.
  3. Click the icon to modify the When rule.
  4. Click the Conditions tab and enter True in the When field.
By default, the value for the When rule is set to False.

The following image shows and an example of the CAGetSuggestedTasks activity, which is modified to evaluate the When rule while determining the tasks to suggest.

When rule on the CAGetSuggestedTasks form

Published February 15, 2016 — Updated March 2, 2016

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