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setValues: Public JS API for control actions


Set any target property from a source property or a literal constant. Supports setting of multiple target properties through a single call.


var options ={<br />
event: eventObject,<br />
list:[{target:'targetProp1', source:"SourceProp1/value", isProperty:true/false},<br />
{target:'targetProp2', source:"SourceProp2/value", isProperty:true/false},<br />
,<br />
{target:'targetPropN', source:"SourcePropN/value", isProperty:true/false}]};



Accepts a JavaScript object which can have the following key-values:

  • event: The event refers to a DOM eventObject.
  • list: This is an array of JS objects with property references as key-value pairs. Confirm that the target property/source property references are enclosed in quotes. isProperty indicates that whether the source is a property or a literal constant. The default value of isProperty is false. For example:

[{target:"Page1.Prop1", source:"Page2.Prop1", isProperty:true},{ target:"Page1.Prop2", source:"1234", isProperty:false}]

Published February 15, 2017 — Updated April 6, 2017

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