Mission: Design your Application

Complete this mission to design and build powerful Pega applications and join the low code revolution.

Pega Application Development

Learn how Pega lets you quickly design and build powerful applications that are scalable, agile, and respond faster to the needs of your customers.

Define a Life Cycle

By organizing your business logic into stages, processes, and steps, you can create the different paths that a case follows from creation to resolution.

  • Read this help topic to understand the different paths that a case follows from creation to resolution.

  • This help topic outlines that a stage in a life cycle is a high-level phase that a case can enter at run time. By using stages, you can add structure to your case types or replace legacy implementations that rely on a central, complex flow.

  • This help topic explains that process in a stage is a flow, or a sequence of events, that models a business process. By adding processes to a stage, you can define the paths that users take as they move a case through its life cycle.

  • This help topic explains how steps in a process represent the tasks that users, your application, or an external application perform to move a case closer to resolution. By using steps, you can refine the life cycle of a case type.

Designing a User Interface

The user interface is the most broadly visible aspect of your application.  As a result, the user interface you design and build affects users' productivity, acceptance, accuracy, and satisfaction, and so is a critical factor in implementation success.

  • Read this article to get an overview of Pega's UI development tools so you build a consistent and rich UI application that can be easily adapted to changing needs.

  • These ten guardrails will help you create consistent user interfaces that affect users' productivity, acceptance, accuracy, and satisfaction.

Want to keep going?

Explore how our own UX team uses Pega's complete design language, innovative authoring tools, and UI framework to create beautiful and contextual experiences.