Mission: Optimize and automate with Pega Robotic Automation

Complete this mission to discover how Pega Robotic Automation gets work done with greater speed and accuracy.

Learn what Robotic Automation is

Robotic automation is the application of software to automate tasks and processes otherwise performed by humans. Software robots can fully automate essential business transactions through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or optimize the way people work with Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA).

  • Learn how Pega’s Robotic Automation and Workforce Intelligence suite automates the manual tasks that impede productivity, harm customer experiences, increase operating costs, and cause countless lost opportunities.

  • Join Francis Carden, VP of Robotics & Transformation, and Ying Chen, Head of Product Marketing, Pega 7 Platform, for a practical conversation on RPA.

  • Hear insight on leveraging robotics in your customer journey from by Ying Chen, Head of Product Marketing Pega 7 Platform, with Eric Musser, Managing Director of Robotics & Workforce Intelligence (formerly CEO of OpenSpan) and Jeff Nicholson, Head of Product Marketing CRM.

Learn what Robotic Automation does

With robotic automation you can optimize processes, integrate customer channels, business data, and enterprise applications, provide flexibility and scalability, improve agility and speed to market, and enable 24x7 workflow processing.

Use Pega Robotic Automation

You use Pega Robotic Automation Studio to automate manual processes, modify user interfaces, and add procedural and process guidance to workflows. Review common Studio terminology, review examples, and review a case study.

Want to keep going?

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