Mission: Use AI to make real-time decisions

Complete this mission to learn how to transform customer data into insight and action using Artificial Intelligence.

Apply artificial intelligence

Pega Artificial Intelligence turns customer data into insight and action by harnessing the capabilities of the Next Best Action mechanism. Making coordinated decisions in real time across all channels provides a great experience for your customers and maximizes their value to your organization.

Boost customer relationship management

Make a connection with your customer immediately and reinforce it by offering what the customer needs. Be one of the few to promote the right product and service to the right customer at the right time.

Identify your customer

Drive your customer engagement by collecting and matching data across multiple channels and devices. Deliver memorable experiences that can delight the customers and fuel long-lasting loyalty.

Utilize text analytics

Let Pega Artificial Intelligence extract meaningful information from a large volume of text messages in a proven and effective way. This insight can remarkably improve your business performance and customer experience. Automate business processes to efficiently manage customer conversations on Twitter.

Want to keep going?

Explore further into Decision Management to learn how businesses optimize every customer relationship and interaction to satisfy both customer needs and business objectives at the same time.