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Celebrus CDP for Pega

If Pega is the brain... Celebrus is the digital sensory system

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Celebrus is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) from D4t4 Solutions plc, which has been solving the most complex, enterprise data capture and contextualization challenges for global enterprises since 1999. Celebrus powers the digital transformation programs in many of the top global enterprises in Retail Banking, Insurance, Telcos, Healthcare and Retail sectors - clients include HSBC, Lloyds Bank, Danske Bank, BNP Paribas, Bank of America, Ally Digital Bank, KDDI, Mobily, Delta Airlines, Qantas, Nationwide Insurance etc.

Celebrus senses and captures all customer behaviours and their interactions with all digital channels. It is always on and provides clearly defined instantaneous and contextualized signals to the Pega CDH, filtering out all the digital noise.

The Pega CDH immediately determines the next best actions on what it hears and learns, plus the rules it applies. Pega then recommends which content should be injected back into the channels and Celebrus instantly feeds back the behavioral outcomes to drive adaptive and predictive learning in Pega. Celebrus is underpinned by a unique, tagless data capture system, and the world's only 1st party identity graph, which creates and persists a unified customer Identity.


Key Features

  • Patented, Tagging Free digital data capture capabilities
  • The World's only, 1st party, real-time Identity Graph to create a Unified Customer ID across channels, devices and over time to power informed decisions at an individual level
  • In-built Natural Language Processing via Facebook's fastText to derive individual sentiment
  • Out-of-the-box connector to CDH to power immediate Automated Marketing Signals (AMS) to power Next Best Actions (NBA's)
  • Instant contextualization of digital data, providing the behavior and experiential signals Pega require to deliver instant NBA's
  • Real-time connector to Pega's new v8.6 Customer Profile Designer (CPD) to enrich Pega's xCAR (extended customer analytic record) to bring behaviour data and signals to Pega
  • Simple connectivity via a native data loader which has been developed in collaboration with Pega's development team
  • Extensive and extendable, out-of-the-box data model featuring > 100 tables
  • Flexible deployment options including on-premise, private, public or hybrid cloud
  • Underpins all privacy regulation requirements by design


Celebrus CDP for Pega


Compatible With

Pega Platform, 8.5, 8.6

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Last updated

June 25, 2021