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Movable Ink helps digital marketers create unique visual experiences across email, web, and display.

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Movable Ink enables digital marketing leaders to create unique, relevant, and compelling visual experiences across email, web, and display at the moment of engagement.

With the power of Movable Ink, digital marketers can free their data from silos to generate intelligent creative with millions of unique variations based on consumer context and behavior, third-party insights, and business logic. This intelligent creative is automatically generated in real-time, removing the production bottleneck that has historically prevented marketers from generating personalized images at scale.

More than 700 of the world’s most innovative brands rely on Movable Ink’s visual experience platform to deliver consistent experiences for their customers.


Key Features

Movable Ink’s platform empowers digital marketers with the following capabilities:

  • Cross-Channel Visual Experiences: Orchestrate real-time, data-driven experiences that advance the conversation with consistent visuals as consumers move across email, web, and display
  • Progressive Profiles: Build known and unknown consumer profiles from interactions and poll results to continue the story as consumers re-engage across email and web
  • Behavioral Targeting: Leverage consumer profiles to target visual experiences based on past behavior
  • Creative Optimization: Determine the top-performing creative and automatically select the winning visual experience to maximize engagement
  • Reporting and Analytics: Achieve faster time-to-insight with intuitive analytics and dashboards

Together, Movable Ink + Pega make it easy for marketers to integrate Pega’s Next-Best-Action intelligence into their email campaigns, and deliver a frictionless customer experience. With Pega providing the intelligence and Movable Ink using it to automatically create personalized email content, brands can dramatically increase customer revenue and satisfaction.

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May 6, 2020