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Pega 7 Upgrade Accelerator Pack

Helps identify and upgrade deprecated parts of an application so that the application can benefit from new Pega 7 features.

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The Pega 7 Upgrade Accelerator Pack, formerly the ECS Upgrade Utilities, is a set of tools that help you to migrate your PRPC instance to the Pega 7 Platform. The tools automate the task of identifying and upgrading deprecated features so that you can use the latest features.


Log in to Designer Studio as an administrator.

Import the Pega7UpgradeAccelerator.jar file.

Add the Pega7-Upgrade-Accelerator:07-10 ruleset to your application or production ruleset.

Key Features

You can run any of the following utilities from the landing page.  See the online help for information about how to use these utilities.

  • Upgrade RuleSet Validation Mode to Application Based Validation
  • Bulk Revalidate and Save of Rule Instances
  • Upgrade Deprecated UI Components and old FlowActions
  • Upgrade List Views and Summary Views to Report Definitions
  • Upgrade Embedded LV and SV to Report Definitions
  • Modify Schema - Application Work Tables

You can run any of the following reports from the landing page. See the online help for information about how to run these reports.

  • Overridden OOTB Rule(s)
  • Connect-SQL Rule(s) having Schema Specified
  • Connect-SQL Rule(s) having Table Name Specified
  • OOTB JS functions overridden in Application
  • Circumstance Conflict Report
  • Report of Inline Styles




Last updated

May 28, 2020

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