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Pega Cloud Readiness Tool

Identifies customization's on a Pega Database and Application that are not compatible with the Pega Cloud Services standards.

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The Cloud Readiness Tool consists of two utilities:

  1. Application Readiness
    1. For a given application, it aims at identifying the usage of incompatible rules such as Connect-SQL, Function Alias, Data Tables, Authentication service rules, Connectors and Services, System Information, JVM Details etc.
      It also identifies the integration rules, Rule Compliance score, Rule set Stack, Strategic Applications Used, BIX, IAC etc. This tool identifies potential areas of the application that need mitigation in order to be complaint with the standard of latest Pega Cloud architecture.
  2. Database Readiness
    1. The Database Readiness utility aims to identify custom database objects such as procedures, views, triggers, sequences, functions etc. The custom database objects are not supported moving to new Pega Cloud Services. This Tool also helps to identify the list of tables which does not have the primary keys. Its always best practice to have the primary key for the table and DMS expects the primary key to move the BLOB data


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December 17, 2020