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Feb 21, 2019

You can use large data pages in your offline-enabled mobile app to improve performance. To use large data pages, you create a custom populator function, which is a JavaScript function that defines the SQL logic for loading large data page content selectively from the client store to the client…

Feb 14, 2019

Care management industry overview Healthcare organizations face challenges in providing care and managing disease at a lower cost because of legacy systems that are fragmented and not connected. The principles of care management are to provide the best healthcare outcomes for patients by ensuring…

Jan 29, 2019

Data encryption in Pega ® Platform gives sensitive data in your applications an additional layer of security while preserving critical Pega Platform functionality. Data encryption makes it easier to comply with privacy policies, regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations for handling…

Jan 24, 2019

The Improvement Plan landing page provides detailed information about issues that affect the performance of your monitored system. By looking at this information, you can identify areas that you need to work on to improve your system's performance. To access the page, on the navigation pane,…

Jan 8, 2019

Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud™ can monitor your application performance and diagnose system health issues to minimize their impact on your business. You can access Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud with single sign-on (SSO) authentication by clicking a link in the Pega Support portal. To start…

Dec 19, 2018

As a Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud™ operator with a manager role, you can request that email digests and event notifications be sent to specific mailboxes, so that the recipients stay informed about system health information. The following types of notification are available: Schedule-based…

Dec 4, 2018

As an administrator, senior system architect, or lead system architect, your goal is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your application during development and before you move it to production. Unauthorized individuals should not have access to the application or the data…

Nov 30, 2018

The following tables list required hotfixes the Pega® Foundation for Healthcare application requires. To request a hotfix, go to your account on My Support Portal . Click +Create and select Request Type > Existing Hotfix Request. Enter and verify the hotfix details and click Submit. Import each…

Nov 14, 2018

As a Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud™ administrator, you can create, modify, and delete Predictive Diagnostic Cloud operator records, and define their roles and available systems. Use the operator records to grant or deny access to Predictive Diagnostic Cloud, select systems for operators, or…

Nov 13, 2018

Case Management processes in PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC) contain tasks that need to be completed, however, the tasks and the order in which they are performed vary. Rather than being a linear, serialized process, a case is made up of many processes, tasks, policies, and supporting content.…