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Apr 12, 2019

Summary Error occurs and unable to Save As a report which references a sub report. The error indicates that the subreport invalid for the ruleset . Error Messages . pyUI.pySource.pySubReportInfo (1). pyReportName : MySubReport does not exist or is not a valid entry for this ruleset and its…

Support Article

Jan 30, 2019

Summary Textboxes containing a large amount of text do not display correctly in the PDF when using the pxCreatePDF shape. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Create a section with a textbox and invoke it in the pxCreatePDF shape Run the usecase . If the textbox contains a large amount…

Support Article

Jan 10, 2019

Summary   Bar charts display duplicate tool tips . Error Messages   Not Applicable   Steps to Reproduce   Configure a bar chart with multiple series of the same data.   Root Cause This behavior is as per the Pega product design. Resolution Here’s the explanation for the reported behavior : In this…

Support Article

Dec 12, 2018

Summary User adds line breaks using enter key on a few lines in Rich Text Editor (RTE) at run time. The PDF that is generated using the out-of-the-box  HTMLToPDF activity has the content of  RTE without the line breaks which were applied at the runtime.  Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to…

Support Article

Dec 3, 2018

Summary A button configured to export to CSV does not prompt to save or open the exported file, the second time. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Export the results of a repeating grid using the pxConvertResultsToCSV  activity. Configure an action set on a button click to invoke …

Support Article

Oct 11, 2018

Summary After applying the below Dynamic System Settings (DSS) for security from a report in the dashboard widget, invalid URL error occurs on clicking Actions > Show Data. DSS as recommended to enforce application security. HTTP/SetSecureCookie = true HTTP/UseNoCacheHeaders = true…

Support Article

Sep 27, 2018

Summary In Case Manager, reports are managed in the Report browser and the gear icon is clicked to select the Move or Copy option. The rows are manipulated to create duplicate names for different reports. Additionally, on moving or copying the selected item, the Category dropdown does not display…

Support Article

Aug 17, 2018

Summary Setting the inner radius for a Pie chart to an explicit value does not always reflect at runtime. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Create a section. Add a chart. Configure data source to the Chart (Pie - Doughnut). Set the inner radius. Root Cause FusionCharts is used to…

Support Article

Aug 16, 2018

Summary The filter list does not display localized values when using a grid which sources a report definition. Error Messages Not Applicable. Steps to Reproduce Install  HFix-32636 Filter any report definition or repeat grid list. The filter displays the actual values and not the localized values…

Support Article

Jul 23, 2018

Summary When user doesn’t have any privilege to see the menu options and have only access to run the report, then the gear icon on the Out-of-the-box (OOTB) reports screen should not visible to the accessibility user, otherwise it will be a misleading message to the user. Error Messages Not…