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Aug 20, 2019

Summary For  iPhone  Safari users, the decimal option is not present on the keyboard. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce   Enter a value in a number field (for example, VAT or an amount). The keyboard that displays is a Number only field (no decimal place). Root Cause A defect in…

Support Article

Aug 9, 2019

Summary Defer loaded non-out-of-the-box   section with <script> tab displays an error popup in Firefox browser. Error Messages There was an error when loading the content given. IE Error description: undefined Steps to Reproduce Include a defer loaded non-out-of-the-box section in an auto-…

Support Article

Aug 6, 2019

Summary Error occurs while performing a preview of HarnessFail.  Error Messages Section "GeneralFail" execution error on page pyWorkPage of class @baseclass...Problem in JSP fragment Steps to Reproduce 1. Go to the Designer Studio and open the GeneralFailDetails section 2. Run the section…

Support Article

Aug 5, 2019

Summary Error occurs on click of the 'Edit' button on the delegated DataTable when the Description has multiple lines of text. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Delegate a data table to the Manager access group. Provide a multi-line Description for the table. Edit the…

Support Article

Aug 2, 2019

Summary In a Validate rule, the default Required option is used and a custom message is provided. At runtime, the default message, 'This field may not be blank', displays instead of the custom message. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Create a Validate rule. Add a property…

Support Article

Aug 1, 2019

Summary On implementing a PDF using an EForm file, the values do not display when the PDF document is opened in the Adobe Acrobat Reader or the Internet Explorer browser. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Create a case. Execute a custom activity on the work object context which…

Support Article

Jul 29, 2019

Summary Every row contains a tabbed layout on repeat grid. When user makes a different tab active in each row and then refreshes the harness, the active tab in the tabbed layout is set to the first element instead of the active tab selected by the user. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to…

Support Article

Jul 11, 2019

Summary A data transform is invoked from the Refresh Other Section action (section created in the Context data class); however, the Pega application searches for a data transform with the same name in the work class ( pyWorkPage ). After calling the data transform of the work class, Pega invokes…

Support Article

Jun 21, 2019

Summary Spell checker does not display suggestions for German words. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Import the German Language Pack. Create a section which includes the Rich Text Editor (RTE). In the Operator ID, change the locale to German.  Type text in German (for example,…

Support Article

Jun 20, 2019

Summary When tabbing to a Rich Text Editor (RTE) field navigates directly to the editing area instead of focusing the entire RTE. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Tab through the controls on the screen. Tabbing to the RTE does not apply focus to the border of the editor and moves…