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May 22, 2019

Mike Asebrook and David Fulton discuss the new features of Pega Customer Service 8.2. 


May 21, 2019

Ideal for digital-first customer service organizations, this release brings enhanced digital experiences, omnichannel messaging, and embedded knowledge management solutions for optimized customer engagement. Pega Customer Service™ 8 includes the following key features: Manage interactions with…


May 20, 2019

To request custom opportunity tags for Pega® Workforce Intelligence, you must complete and submit the applicable Workforce Intelligence request forms. The following forms provide the Workforce Intelligence team with the information that they need to create custom opportunities for you. Creating…

Support Article

May 16, 2019

Summary In the Interaction Portal, the tab names are blank on a browser refresh. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Launch the Interaction portal. Open two or more cases. Click browser Refresh. The tabs do not retain the tab names. Root Cause The Section does not have a dynamic layout…


May 7, 2019

If you are experiencing problems with Pega Workforce Intelligence™, perform as many of the following tasks as you can before you contact Pega Workforce Intelligence support. The following tasks verify that Pega Robotic Automation Runtime is working correctly for your Workforce Intelligence…


May 7, 2019

You might receive errors on the Pega Workforce Intelligence™ portal, such as errors about a page not loading correctly or an application logging out. It is important to capture the error information and relay that information to Pega Workforce Intelligence support so that they can help you to…

Support Article

Apr 30, 2019

Summary Query activity generates multiple  infoForced messages in the logs. Error Messages ------------- Query presence starts...-------------------  [CHEDULER_THREAD_POOL] [STANDARD] [ ] [ ] ( Query.Code_Pega_List.Action ) INFO - ------ Param query page : QueryPresence   [CHEDULER_THREAD_POOL] […


Apr 29, 2019

Build notes describe the changes that are included within each build that is created for Pega Workforce Intelligence™. Use this article to familiarize yourself with the changes, new features, and resolved issues that are listed in the following table. For more information, contact Support by using…

Apr 26, 2019

Find resources and support for Pega Customer Service, which provides a contact center desktop environment, case management, mobile field service, and more.


Apr 25, 2019

To use Pega ® Robotic Automation Deployment Portal in Robotic Automation or Workforce Intelligence implementations, you must provide the public key certificate or the Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS) token-signing certificate. You can purchase the certificate from any of the established…