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Oct 25, 2018

In Next-Best-Action Marketing (NBAM), Proposition Management , Proposition Data , deleting an EditList entry causes the EditList to revert to its original state as defined by the data table. Related to this issue is the fact that there is currently no intuitive way to reorder the entries on the…


May 22, 2018

Symptom Example 1. Pega Survey interaction returns focus back to the first question and changes its answer Example 2. The first radio button or check box gets the interaction focus instead of the control selected Example 3. Refresh This Section not triggered when radio button label is clicked…


May 4, 2018

Usage Note If you are updating or upgrading to Pega 7.4, you do not need to follow the instructions in this article. The issue has been resolved in Pega 7.4. See the Pega 7.4 Release Notes , Enhancements, the Security 7.4 note, Improved operator security . If you are using a release prior to Pega 7…