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Support Article
Apr 5, 2019

Summary Users see authentication errors in log files when their applications try to call authenticated activities from a service activity for which the service package authentication option is unchecked. Error Messages You lack access required to execute RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY @BASECLASS…

Support Article
Mar 23, 2019

Summary Error occurs when installing User Defined Functions (UDF) (the installation was performed following instructions from the link: https : //community . pega .com/support/support- articles/error -during-execution- udfs - prreadfromstream ). Error Messages Encountered database error attempting…

Support Article
Mar 7, 2019

Summary Unable to delete files stored in Alfresco from the Manager portal. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Log in to application. Navigate to Designer Studio. Configure a Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) to store attachments of a case (in this case, Alfresco).…

Support Article
Feb 15, 2019

Summary The below Audit History SQL query takes more than four minutes to execute. SELECT "PC0". pxObjClass AS " pxObjClass ", "PC0". pzPVStream AS " PC0pzPVStream ", "PC0". pzInsKey as " pxInsHandle " FROM pr_History_TT_TTB_EDN_Work…

Support Article
Feb 14, 2019

Summary In the workbasket tab, on   minimizing a window and maximizing it, the screen size loads incorrectly. This occurs in the Chrome browser. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Open the application with Chrome browser. Navigate through the workbasket tab. Resize the window.…

Support Article
Feb 8, 2019

Summary NoClassDefFoundError occurs when connecting to an external database (Neptune) using AWS Java API. Error Messages NoClassDefFoundError Steps to Reproduce Write a Java code which has AWS API calls. Root Cause Classes were missing in the runtime classpath . Resolution Perform either of the…

Support Article
Feb 6, 2019

Summary You have a Declare Index rule that does not delete data from the index table if a Page is removed from the related Page List. Adding a Page works fine and inserts an entry to the index table. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Create a Declare Index rule in Class A (which…

Jan 18, 2019

In this Global Customer Support (GCS) video, Bhuvana Mahalingam explains how the behavior of a cancel action differs between a regular local action versus a local action launched through a modal dialog.

Support Article
Jan 16, 2019

Summary Error encountered while testing the integration for an outbound email using Pega 6.3 SP1. Error Messages javax.mail.MessagingException : Can't send command to SMTP host;nested exception is: java.net.SocketException : Connection reset. Steps to Reproduce Configure an outbound email.…

Support Article
Dec 31, 2018

Summary Drag/Drop functionality on the section rules, does not work while using Pega platform with Internet Explorer 11 browser. The Drag/Drop functionality is used to insert User Interface controls (Text Input, Label, Checkbox). Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Open a section rule…