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Support Article
Apr 11, 2019

Summary User has a requirement to restart the node weekly restarts with marker file delete. Upon restart, performance is degrading on first restart as cache is built completely.   Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Unknown Root Cause A defect or configuration issue in the operating…

Support Article
Apr 4, 2019

Summary   PXOBJClass related to framework is pulled while executing ListView or report definition. Report on Descendant Class Instances checkbox is selected. Error Messages   Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce   Unknown Root Cause An issue in the custom application code or rules. Multiple…

Support Article
Mar 7, 2019

Summary After upgrading the infrastructure to  WebSphere using Oracle 12c database, unable to start PRPC 6.2 SP2. Error Messages Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException : PRAppLoader was not properly initialized, unable to load class com.pega.pegarules.web.servlet.WebAppLifeCycleListener…

Support Article
Jan 29, 2019

Summary In the exported Excel, the Received Date column value alignment varies in multiple rows. For some rows, this column value is left aligned; while for other rows, the value is right aligned. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Unknown Root Cause A third-party product   issue: MS …

Support Article
Jan 11, 2019

Summary Application login page is inaccessible and Out Of Memory errors are generated in the logs. Error Messages [ AResourceAdapter : 1] [STANDARD] [ internal.services.ServiceAPI ) ERROR JMS|TTTJMS|TTT-FW- MemMgtFW -Work| ReadEnrollData |- JMS service  failed: PRRuntimeError : com.pega.pegarules.…

Support Article
Dec 7, 2018

Summary On starting a custom advanced agent to send email notifications to users, InvalidReferenceException  occurs and the agent is disabled. Error Messages com.pega.pegarules.pub.clipboard.InvalidReferenceException : The reference .count is not valid. Reason: FUAInstance - NullMyStepPage at com.…

Oct 10, 2018

The Pega-provided stored procedure sppr_sys_reservequeueitem_b is used for various Pega processes. Over time, this stored procedure has been updated to improve its performance. The indexes, which are displayed as text in this article, and the stored procedure, which can be downloaded from the…

Support Article
Sep 7, 2018

Summary PEGA0031 alerts occur when a stream is overwritten without being sent to the browser. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce In the flow action's pre-processing activity, add a Show-HTML  step. Launch the User portal. Navigate to the screen where the flow action is invoked…

Support Article
Sep 5, 2018

Summary Spaces display instead of single quotes (') and registered marks (®) in outbound mails. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Open any correspondence email. Spaces occur instead of single quotes (') and registered marks (®). Root Cause A defect or configuration issue in…

Support Article
Sep 4, 2018

Summary Error occurs when exporting the Product rule when ListView filter is used with pagination enabled.   Error Messages [java] Caused by: com.pega.pegarules.pub.PRRuntimeException : Problem evaluating a ListView for a Collection: ** The page size "" specified for this RDB call is…