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Support Article
Jan 4, 2019

Summary IllegalArgumentException occurs on entering any value with '&'. For example, A & B Error Messages Error: Caught exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException : Trying to set a parameter with invalid name " B" Steps to Reproduce Create an autocomplete field.…

Oct 10, 2018

The Pega-provided stored procedure sppr_sys_reservequeueitem_b is used for various Pega processes. Over time, this stored procedure has been updated to improve its performance. The indexes, which are displayed as text in this article, and the stored procedure, which can be downloaded from the…

Support Article
Jul 17, 2018

Summary In ListView , on providing an HTML fragment for the Export HTML property column, the column does not display in Export to Excel. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Create a ListView . Select a DateTime property in the field that must be displayed. Select any control, Date…

Support Article
May 3, 2018

Summary A HFix was installed which updated the prvisiointerface control. However, the rule resolution picks up the older non- HFixed version of the control. Error Messages Not Applicable. Steps to Reproduce Update the prvisiointerface control through an HFix Log in to the environment using a…

Support Article
Jan 22, 2018

Summary Trying to edit a flow in Microsoft Visio results in this error message: Error Messages "Cannot launch Microsoft Visio application." Steps to Reproduce Try to edit flow in Microsoft Visio. Root Cause A defect or configuration issue in the operating environment. When attempting to…

Support Article
Dec 19, 2017

Summary Activities initiated from an unauthenticated Rule-Service do not run when they require authentication. Error Messages Error: You lack access required to execute RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY EMBED-REPORTCONTENT PZRESOLVEREFERENCES #20100430T164910. Steps to Reproduce Create a REST service Uncheck…

Support Article
Nov 9, 2017

Summary Developers are unable to edit flows in MS Visio . Error message indicates a MS Visio version newer than 2003 is in use which is not supported, but MS Visio 2003 has been confirmed as the current version on the system. Error Messages Microsoft Visio versions above 2003 will not be supported…

Support Article
Sep 28, 2017

Summary Error on enabling AutomatedTesting (for rules), performing Save Test Case (when running the rule), and clicking the Create test case from the Quick Create modal dialog. Error Messages Error:**Quick CreateERROR Save failed< br >**Rule Documentation is required--Full Description and…

Support Article
Jun 2, 2017

Summary The logging level of class com.pega.pegarules.ClassName is being reset to Alert (from Debug) after JVM recycle with PRPC 6.1.SP1. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Recycle the JVM. Root Cause That behavior is correct. Do look up “log4j” in the PRPC help for the details.…

Support Article
May 15, 2017

Summary The log in screen does not load. Users cannot access Pega or log in. Error Messages [3/30/17 0:42:50:430 EDT] 00000005 TimeoutManage I WTRN0006W: Transaction…