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Sep 25, 2019

Before upgrading any Pega Customer Relationship Management applications, you must review important information about product changes for each release. Some product changes require user action before upgrading to ensure a successful upgrade. This article summarizes important information related to…


Sep 13, 2019

You can extend the availability of the Pega Sales Automation application by implementing and distributing the application as a mobile app. The Pega Sales Automation mobile app supports most application functionality, and users can access the mobile app in both online and offline modes. The…


Jul 22, 2019

Pega Sales Automation™ uses Pega's Customer Decision Hub and Decision Management capabilities to identify the next best action for every opportunity in the application. To fully understand the architecture of the Pega's Next Best Action capability, review the following sections: Ruleset…


Jul 4, 2019

When you configure next-best-action strategies for Pega Sales Automation, you can display the Next best actions widget on your sales representative's dashboards. The widget displays the top ten (ranked) actions for the sales representative. Each action includes a tooltip that displays the…