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Aug 7, 2015

The newest release of Customer Process Manager (CPM) includes numerous enhancements designed to improve the user, developer, and customer experience. Join the CRM Product Management team for an overview of 6.2. The team will present the benefits of the release and the exciting new possibilities…

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Jun 12, 2015

Summary Worklist entries of a user are appearing with another user. Assignments presented by the task (for example, launching tasks from CPM portal) for a user appear in another users's worklist.  This occurs intermittently and stops when the user logs out and starts a new IE session and logs…

Support Article

Apr 23, 2015

Summary Spell check is not working as expected. Error Messages User enters "litle" in spell check and this word has been detected and marked to be corrected.When user enters the same word with capital letter "Litle" spell checker considers it as a name hence no correction is…