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Sep 24, 2019

Summary Cases move to a broken queue and get stuck in the work basket. Error occurs in the broken queue. However, the user is unable to identify which entry causes the error. Error Messages ORA-00001: unique constraint (ABC_DATA.PC_HISTORY_WORK_PK) violated  Steps to Reproduce   Service Level…

Support Article

Aug 1, 2019

Summary NullPointerException occurs when launching the My Assistant window (user specific) in Pega Designer Studio. Error Messages pzSectionBody _1(); /* Problem executing pzAssemblePreprocess for RULE-HTML-SECTION AEXP-FW-ACQN-WORK MYASSISTANT #GMT java.lang.NullPointerException */ Steps to…

Support Article

Jul 4, 2019

Summary User closes the assignment which is listed in the user worklist while processing two specific use cases. However, user finds two assignments with the same key which is not expected. Error message displays while processing one of the two assignments. However, the other assignment is…

Support Article

Jun 21, 2019

Summary Unable to create cases. Error Messages Unable to extend table PEGADATA.PC_Index_workparty by 1024 in tablespace users Steps to Reproduce Open the portal. Click New Case. Fill all the required details and create a case. ROOT CAUSE  On click of Create case, the exception occurred which stated…

Support Article

Apr 11, 2019

Summary After skimming and migrating a set of rulesets , agents encounter  UnresolvedAssemblyErrors and shut down. Error Messages Batch activity "<Your_Activity>" threw: com.pega.pegarules.pub.generator.UnresolvedAssemblyError : Invalid expression or reference: No candidates found […

Support Article

Mar 5, 2019

Summary   Split For-Each is configured. Error occurs on processing a flow action that is defined in Data class using Bulk processing. Error Messages   Failed to find a RULE-OBJ-FLOWACTION with the name testFlowAction that applies to ApplicatioName-Work-CaseName   Steps to Reproduce   Create a flow…

Support Article

Feb 27, 2019

Summary When the browser setting is Fr _CA, auto notes are updated in French. These notes are saved as a Notes attachment to the case. This works when the notes are saved in English. However, it fails for notes in French which contains special characters (such as é ). Error Messages Error in Tracer…

Support Article

Feb 14, 2019

Summary The activity pxTransferAssignment fails at the step that calls the activity OPENANDLOCKWORK. Error Messages Failed to find a 'RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY' with the name 'OPENANDLOCKWORK' that applies to 'MyCo-MyOrg-Work-MyCase'. Steps to Reproduce Run…

Support Article

Feb 7, 2019

Summary When Field Level Auditing is turned on in an application, the Audit History does not show the index number of the PageList where the property change is reported. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Add a Page List property, for example, .aPageList(1).pyNote), to the Data…

Support Article

Jan 9, 2019

Summary Post upgrade to Pega 7.1.7, unable to create a new ruleset version and an error occurs. Error Messages Exception java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException : Array index out of range: 2     at com.pegarules.generated.activity.ra_action_pzgetnextrulesetversion_ecbe772d50b5bd80c1d61e332ed767fa.…