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Support Article

Dec 21, 2017

Summary Unable to view a chart on clicking the Chart tab for a few Organization Unit rules. Error Messages Cannot render section Steps to Reproduce Open an Organization unit rule. Go to the Charts tab. Root Cause A defect in Pegasystems’ code or rules. A subset of the unit name in it's sub-…

Support Article

Dec 15, 2017

Summary When user tried to refer the ‘.customproperty’ looping through ‘. Page1.Pagelist.XX.pxResults' , the DataPage that is refered on . customproperty is not triggered although the Keys required for the datapage to run are set on ‘. Page1.Pagelist.XX ‘ page. Error Messages Not Applicable…

Support Article

Dec 6, 2017

Summary When importing several property rules and a report definition rule into an environment, the built on class rule does not exist in the environment or in the imported RAP file. Unable to open the property rules and report definition rules after generating a new RAP file and importing the…

Support Article

Oct 5, 2017

Summary Report Definition - Export to Excel is taking more than 10 minutes to export the data for 30-40K records. Also the downloaded file format is in . xls format which generates file size of 33 MB, but the same file if it is saved as . xlsx extension manually then it is only 3 MB size. Error…

Support Article

Aug 25, 2017

Summary User receives an error when using the 'QUEUE <activity>' command in an activity step. If the user replaces the 'QUEUE <activity>' with a 'CALL <activity>', there is no issue. Error Messages NullPointerException Steps to Reproduce Execute an…

Support Article

Aug 24, 2017

Summary The user created a decision tree with multiple conditions configured using "||" and "&&" symbols which returns incorrect results at runtime. Error Messages Not applicable Steps to Reproduce 1. Create a decision tree with multiple conditions. 2. Configure…

Support Article

Aug 21, 2017

Summary Unable to compile Pega libraries: Pega_IntegrationEngine_default and Pega_ProCom_default. Error Messages In the Pega-RULES.log: ( ary.LibraryFunctionUtilityImpl ) ERROR - Error compiling: com/pegarules/generated/dcm_pdfutils1; see class's compile log file. ( ary.…

Support Article

Jun 7, 2017

Summary Hot fix HFix-34440 has caused valid checked out rules to not display in the private checkout list. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Apply hot fix HFix-34440. Check out some rules. Click the Private button. No rules will display. Root Cause A defect in Pegasystems’ code or…

Support Article

May 14, 2017

Summary Tags in camelCase like < pega : forEach > are forced to lowercase when the correspondence rule they are part of is saved. This means that, after the rule is saved once, further saves will fail due to the tag not existing. Error Messages content of stream definition: ** The tag "…

Support Article

May 5, 2017

Summary When using a wait shape in the process which waits for a subcase to get completed, to move the parent case ahead, even after the subcase is completed the main case is stuck at the wait shape flow. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Create a subcase(configure it through step…