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Sep 18, 2019

Summary On the Summary Report, a filter condition for a drilldown report filter is altered from full-width white space (Zenkaku) to half-width. Hence, unable to search for the item containing a multi-byte space (Zenkaku on the middle). Only the message '0 record' displays. For example:…

Support Article

Aug 16, 2019

Summary Unable to load the dashboard while switching between application portals. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Create two applications, Application1 and Application2. Add or remove widgets to create separate dashboards for the applications. Create access groups for both the…

Support Article

Aug 13, 2019

Summary Chart legend labels translation is not localized. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Open the report for a French user. Root Cause A defect in Pegasystems’ code or rules. Resolution Apply HFix-55011 . SA-84863

Support Article

Aug 9, 2019

Summary In a report definition, column data displays in multiple rows when < br style=" mso -data-placement:same-cell;" /> is added. However, when exporting the report to Excel, the new line does not display. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Create a data type and a…

Support Article

Aug 1, 2019

Summary Report definition charts with conditional colors fail to render with a message stating 'No data to display' even when data in present in the report grid. Error Messages Error: pzMultiSeriesData execution error on page ' pyReportContentPage ' of class Code-Pega-List .…

Support Article

Jul 29, 2019

Summary In a report definition, Include all descendant classes for the Report on descendant class instances functionality behaves differently on Pega 7.4. The behavior is different when compared to the same feature on Pega 7.2.2.  User creates a report definition in the Index class and joins it…

Support Article

Jul 25, 2019

Summary The 'Difference In Hours' filter function fails with an exception in the scheduled reports. The same report executes correctly in the background without the filter. Error Messages Attempting to access a rule with a bad defined-on class: Trying to open rule "PXCREATEDATETIME…

Support Article

Jul 17, 2019

Summary Incorrect sort order of the  pxRefObjectInsName  property. The  pxRefObjectInsName  property is sorted in the following order:  CLR - 1 CLR - 10 CLR - 100 CLR - 11 CLR - 2 CLR - 20 However, the correct sort order is as below: CLR - 1 CLR - 2 CLR - 10 CLR - 11 CLR - 20 CLR - 100 Error…

Support Article

Jul 16, 2019

Summary Action does not reflect when clicking a chart to open a drilldown report. Error Messages Uncaught SyntaxError : missing ) after argument list. Steps to Reproduce Log in to the application Configure report to display a chart Click a bar to drilldown Root Cause A defect in Pegasystems’ code…

Support Article

Jul 9, 2019

Summary PDF is not generated in Pega Platform 7.4. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Configure a button with HTMLToPDF activity on click. Root Cause Linux environment default font family was not set to ' Eutophia '. Resolution Perform the following local-change: Set the…