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Support Article

Aug 22, 2017

Summary Multiple timeout warning modal dialog boxes pop up and users cannot click OK to continue. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Configure the Timeout warning using pxSessionTimer. Wait for the Timeout warning to display. Notice that there are multiple Timeout warnings displayed…

Support Article

Jan 4, 2017

Summary Issues while implementing Cite Specific Cipher which is working for few classes, but for few other classes Encrypt Blob Option is not Editable Error Messages No error messages but Blob not getting encrypted for these classes. Steps to Reproduce Not applicable Root Cause An issue in the…

Support Article

Nov 24, 2016

Summary Is it possible to set the HTTPOnly and Secure attributes to True on the IAC-NonGateway cookie? Resolution There is no current mechanism to accomplish this and setting HTTPOnly to true would render the cookie useless. This cookie design will be removed in a release after Pega 7.1.7. SA-9220

Support Article

Aug 23, 2016

Summary SAML SSO with PING as Identity Provider has been configured. PING is not maintaining any user sessions so there is no Single Logout (SLO) URL from I dentity provider side. Pega rule left the optional logout URL as blank as PING is not providing it. User is able to login successfully into…

Support Article

Jul 27, 2016

Summary URLAccessMode warnings fill up PegaRULES log file. Error Messages URLAccessModeWarn : URLAccessPermitted URLAccessDetail ActionTampered Unknown reason Steps to Reproduce Unknown Root Cause A defect in Pegasystems’ code or rules. Resolution Add the Dynamic System Setting as specified in the…

Support Article

Jul 10, 2016

Summary User has setup a custom sign-on for their application. The entered values are validated in the system in the login process. They have customized login form & authentication activity and both are referenced from Authentication Service. When the end user tries to enter the login…

Support Article

Jul 1, 2016

Summary User is using Container Managed Authentication, when the User1 logged in to system and log out, the User1 session will not be terminated until close browser. Error Messages Not Applicable. Steps to Reproduce 1. Configure system to Container Managed Authentication. 2.  Log into system as …

Support Article

May 12, 2016

Summary When clicking the "Test Connection" button to test an Authentication Service record configured for LDAP authentication, an error message is displayed. The rule form is completely filled out with a valid LDAP URL according to the help documentation. However, the failure message…

Support Article

May 10, 2016

Summary Test Connectivity fails due to a credentials problem after reopening and saving an Authentication Service rule. This might be a result of change in password field (increased) on a refresh or reopen of the record. This issue can be avoided by re-entering the password and saving each time.…

Support Article

Apr 14, 2016

Summary User has faced the error "Authentication modification permitted via privileged path only - invalid caller" which results in Service queue items acquiring a Broken-Queue status. Error Messages ** Authentication modification permitted via privileged path only - invalid caller: RULE-…