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Dec 10, 2018

Summary When a new cryptographic protocol (TLS 1.2) is enforced, email notifications do not work in the application. Error Messages [WebContainer : 12] [TABTHREAD1] [PegaRULES:07.10] (pega_integrationengine_default) ERROR HOSTNAME|IPADDRESS user@pega.com - Exception caught while testing connection…

Support Article

Dec 3, 2018

Summary Unable to access the SOAP WSDL file from the Pega application. However, the user is able to access the same WSDL file from the on premise installation. Error Messages Not Applicable. Steps to Reproduce Unknown. Root Cause A defect or configuration issue in the operating environment.…

Support Article

Nov 9, 2018

Summary Default date value (01/01/1970) displays on submitting an empty date field. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Create a service to input a date element and output a date as a response. Input a blank value in the date field. Run the service. Root Cause When the date is empty,…

Support Article

Nov 6, 2018

Summary PRGateway exception displays when the Pega Web Mashup gadget starts. Error occurs in multi-node environment. Error Messages PRGateway Exception: Logical host: 'PegaApp' does not map to a PRPC host. Steps to Reproduce 1. Log in to the application 2. Start Pega Web Mashup gadget…

Support Article

Oct 25, 2018

Summary An error occurs when executing a query for the report definition. Error Messages Error: ** An error occured on executing the query for the report definition - There was a problem getting a list: code: 4031 SQLState : 61000 Message: ORA-04031: unable to allocate 4096 bytes of shared memory…

Support Article

Oct 6, 2018

Summary Work index file size displays as a negative (for example, -0.01) and user is unable to search for any case. The user updated the number of nodes from four to 12 and set one node as the indexing node. This issue occurs despite re-indexing the work or data class manually by changing the index…

Support Article

Oct 1, 2018

Summary REST service exposed from Pega application does not produce complete tracer results. Therefore, unable to optimize or debug the service. Tracer displays 5 lines with Declare_ AuthPolicies & Outbound Map Begin & End with failure on Outbound Map End and all the properties are under…

Support Article

Sep 25, 2018

Summary When users test the connection for an email account, the connectivity with the exchange server fails. SMTP Connectivity Test > Test Connectivity to Email Account Default shows a Status of FailedConfiguration and the error message.   Error Messages A secure connection could not be…

Support Article

Sep 18, 2018

Summary Post upgrade to TLS 1.2, unable to launch the application in the browser. The application launches when using TLS 1.0. Error Messages Page cannot be displayed Steps to Reproduce Enable TLS 1.2 in the browser settings. Launch the application. Root Cause A defect or configuration issue in the…

Support Article

Aug 30, 2018

Summary Error occurs when a message entering a monitored queue invokes the JMS service. Error Messages ERROR - PRPC Engine invocation failed, com.ibm.ejs.container.UnknownLocalException : nested exception is: java.lang.IllegalStateException : enlist: caught Exception Steps to Reproduce Send a…