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Jul 29, 2016

Summary User is using iphone and safari browser. They noticed that in user portal or developer portal whenever they are trying to click any button ( having visible when ) or icon (for example gear icon against any layout property), the screen is getting hanged. The issue is replicable only when…

Support Article

Dec 9, 2015

Summary When the user clicks on the Manufacturer (auto-complete control) field from an iOS device, the UI zooms in on that field displaying the keyboard. The field is pushed under the address bar. If the user types, the field displays. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce 1. Create a…

Support Article

Sep 10, 2015

Summary A POC is performed with push notification feature. The procedure in the below PDN article was followed. http://pdn.pega.com/node/114231 In an application flow, smart shape “Push Notification” is used and then the flow is run. On running that flow and reaching the assignment, the…

Support Article

Jun 12, 2015

Summary Values in a repeating dynamic layout (RDL) are not saved after moving to the next screen in a screen flow from a mobile device. This behavior functions correctly from a normal desktop browser. Error Messages Not Applicable. Steps to Reproduce 1. Create a section with RDL.  2. Include a…

Support Article

Apr 23, 2015

Summary With the Pega Mobile 4.2 framework on Pega 7.1 and logging in using the "Pega Mobile" application, trying to save an audio file using the 'Attach Audio' feature and clicking the "Save" button, does not do anything. Error Messages Not Applicable . Steps to…

Support Article

Feb 27, 2015

Summary Ipad Text fields are not getting cut -off  in portrait mode i.e. not aligning as per the mobile device width (nstead a horizontal scrollbar is observed) Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Not Applicable Root Cause In Overview tab > Case Contents  Assignment text is too long…

Support Article

Jan 16, 2015

Summary Developer has following questions about offline capability for Pega Mobile application(https://pdn.pega.com/pega-mobile/how-to-configure-offline-capability-for-a-mobile-application) 1.Is it possible to access Offline capability using Pega 7 app itself.Do we need need a Hybrid Mobile app 2.…