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Support Article

Oct 14, 2019

Summary PRPC 6.1 is upgraded to Pega Platform 7.2 and Smart Investigate for Payments is upgraded to SI 7.11. Post the upgrade, instance is not found. For more information, refer to: https://community.pega.com/support/support-articles/case-processing-fails-class-queue-not-found-exception Error…

Support Article

Aug 30, 2019

Summary Unable to open a work object after moving the work object to any work list from the work basket. Error Messages Exception: com.pega.pegarules.pub.clipboard.WrongModeException: The property pyWorkPage.pxFlow(pxAssignmentKey) was of mode String while com.pega.pegarules.data.internal.clipboard…

Support Article

Aug 19, 2019

Summary When transferring a case using the out-of-the-box Reassign activity, the agent fails. As a result, the nodes stop and an exception occurs. Error Messages Exception at : com.pega.pegarules.pub.clipboard.WrongModeException : The property pyWorkPage.pxFlow ( pxAssignmentKey ) was of mode…

Support Article

Aug 3, 2019

Summary A business user has multiple data types delegated to them. The user opens a data type and attempts to open a second data type. The second data type does not open in a new tab; instead, it displays the tab with the first data type. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Delegate…

Support Article

Jul 10, 2019

Summary 'Work Object Not Found' error displays on screen when opening a work object. Error Messages Work Object Not Found Message: Unable to open an instance using the given inputs Steps to Reproduce Open a work object in the Developer portal. Root Cause Tracing the open process displayed…

Support Article

Jul 2, 2019

Summary Few question labels display in red after answering the questions. This occurs in the Qualify Dispute screen. Error Messages Not Applicable. Steps to Reproduce Create a Mastercard dispute Select 'I have not received the merchandise/service ' on the Qualify Dispute screen Answer the…

Support Article

Jul 1, 2019

Summary Queue items are struck in agent queue with immediate status and pyAttempts as 0. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Unknown Root Cause Max records is not specified. As per the help document, if the value is not specified for the Max records, then the default value is 50.…

Support Article

May 14, 2019

Summary User configures a workbasket with a particular access role. However, the workbasket is accessible to users who do not have that access role. Error Messages   Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Configure a workbasket with a particular access role Add the same access role to an access group.…

Support Article

May 6, 2019

Summary Pega out-of-the-box case narrative fetches  subcases data by default. Despite running the pzFetchSubCaseAttachments activity and setting the ShowSubCase parameter to false, the case narrative loads the subcases details along with the parent case. Expected result: When the ShowSubCase…

Support Article

Mar 6, 2019

Summary Assignment status is not updated in the  CaseContentsPage  with the respective status. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Update the Assignment status in the Assignment page. Verify the  pyAssignmentStatus  in the CaseContentsPage . Root Cause A change related to the pyA…