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Sep 25, 2019

Summary An application is migrated from DB2 instance to a Postgres instance. Errors do not occur while importing the application. However, an error occurs on creating a case. Error Messages pyCommitError:** ** Batch entry 0 WITH source as <SELECT QUERY> ERROR: column source.…

Support Article

Sep 23, 2019

Summary Portal screen flickers or fluctuates while using the Chrome browser. Error Messages   Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce   Unknown Root Cause A third-party product issue. Issue with the Chrome browser version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit). Resolution Perform the following local-…

Support Article

Sep 16, 2019

Summary On opening a work object, expanding one of the rows in the repeat grid, and closing the work object, a dirty modal dialog confirmation displays. The modal dialog must not display since none of the work object fields are edited. Error Messages You are about to close an open work items which…

Support Article

Sep 9, 2019

Summary In the Internet Explorer 11, on opening more than one tab, loading data, and on closing that tab or any other tab, the tab does not close. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Open three new work objects. Clicking the 'X' on the tab to close all the New tabs. The first…

Support Article

Sep 6, 2019

Summary Autocomplete options are not read out by JAWS. Error Messages Not applicable Steps to Reproduce Attempt to read autocomplete values using JAWS Root Cause Accessibility was not turned ON. Resolution This feature requires that you turn on accessibility in the access group and reference the…

Support Article

Sep 5, 2019

Summary User retrieves SAML from the pxHTTPServletRequest header and sends it to every webservice call as it expires every 15 minutes. Pega only allows access to pxHTTPServletRequest during the authentication. Requirement is to access the header outside the authentication. Exception occurs on using…

Support Article

Aug 23, 2019

Summary On adding a code in the Correspondence rule source and saving it, the code changes on re-clicking the source button or on check-in. Additional < li > tags display and the format of the source is incorrect. As a result, the page displays incorrectly. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps…

Support Article

Aug 20, 2019

Summary In the  Mozilla Firefox browser, value is not set to a property on click of a button. Error Messages Not   Applicable Steps to Reproduce Configure a Click event on a button to invoke a data transform and the Finish assignment. Root Cause A defect or configuration issue in the operating…

Support Article

Aug 13, 2019

Summary The Expand and Collapse icon displays on the Rich Text Editor (RTE) when it is used in the read-only mode. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Create a correspondence rule and include a section with a row repeating grid or a text area component Use the Property-Set-Corr method…

Support Article

Aug 12, 2019

Summary Unable to save a declare expression when a data page of type List is referenced for the Sum aggregate option in the Declare Expression rule. Error Messages Invalid expression or reference: error Final expression  D_myDataPage.pxResults ().Price ( integer/double ) can't be converted…