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Sep 4, 2019

Summary The Choose File button does not work in the attachment modal on a mobile device. This occurs on Android device but works correctly while using iOS. Error Messages   Not Applicable   Steps to Reproduce  Configure a link to open a local action in modal  Configure the FilePath control to…

Support Article

Sep 3, 2019

Summary Unable to specify the number of 'Cutoff' characters in the Rich Text Display control for use in a table. The requirement is to limit the number of characters displayed to maintain the table from becoming long and to also provide the Expand capability such that users can open the…

Support Article

Jul 5, 2019

Summary Component stack mismatch exception displays on the portal screen. Error Messages Exception caught while evaluating when pega.pegarules.pub.clipboard.InvalidReferenceException: The reference something--somexyzorg,Inc.- is not valid. Reason: unexpected character ',' at position 36,…

Support Article

Mar 11, 2019

Summary User adds attachments while creating cases on an application. The attachment is blank on downloading it. This occurs while adding an attachment to an Appointment and submitting the Appointment. This occurs on Pega Sales Automation 7.4. Error Messages   Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce  …

Support Article

Mar 6, 2019

Summary Horizontal scrollbar displays and moves the screen with the Case header towards the empty side on opening a work object. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce 1) Log in to the Sales Manager portal 2) Open a case or an organization. Horizontal scrollbar displays   Root Cause…

Support Article

Dec 7, 2018

Summary When using the Forecast tool, to add an Override amount, a Close Date, and a Category to an Opportunity, the Override close amount and Category are set correctly. However, on filtering the Override territory, the Opportunity displays for the same quarter and year of the Opportunity, instead…

Support Article

Jul 21, 2018

Summary Unable to leverage UI based data import due to large import file size. Error Messages Not Applicable Steps to Reproduce Unknown Root Cause An issue in the custom application code or rules. Resolution Apply HFix-45806 .   SA-61250

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Jul 16, 2018

Summary Error occurs while loading the comma-separated values (CSV) file with opportunity records. Error Messages Failure in creating Forecast(1) Steps to Reproduce Load a CSV file of opportunity records using the load template. Root Cause A defect in Pegasystems’ code or rules.  The PageName…